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Here you can find a compilation of recent results from the PACTORES project – completed WPs and tasks, publications, etc.

This document compiles an initial assessment of the policies and regulations that have an impact on the pastoral communities in the Spanish case study region.

Here you’ll find the lectures (Introduction, Module 1, Module 2 and Module 3), and the Seminar presented during the on-line training course on ‘Pastoral and agro-pastoral systems in the Mediterranean region: potential, challenges and perspectives’ held on March, 10-11th, 2021.

PACTORES – Module 1

PACTORES – Module 2

PACTORES – Module 3

PACTORES – Seminar

Here you’ll find the Video recording of the International Workshop: Pastoralism and Sustainable Development

AUTH has produced national reports of the economic performance of pastoral farms. The analysis was based on typologies that were designed by local partners (case study leaders) and on survey data collected by means of in-person interviews with pastoral farmers. PACTORES national reports present indicators of farm management aspects and financial results of pastoral farms in the Mediterranean. This will help all stakeholders understand how each type operates and what needs to be done for each type to increase their economic viability – but also for all agro-pastoral farms in the area.